About Us

We are a tradeline company that both sells tradelines to clients in need of temporary credit boosting services and accepts tradeline partners to offer their own lines of credit.

Tradelines and “Piggybacking” aren’t new ideas. In fact, they’ve been around for more than 100 years.

Taking advantage of tradelines isn’t much different than a father adding his daughter to his credit card to help her build credit. However, not everyone has a family member or friend in a good credit standing to help them out.

This is where the team at NetGain Tradelines comes in.

We believe that everyone should have access to this credit-supportive tool – not just U.S. citizens with affluent friends and family. By vetting and accepting new individuals to serve as sellers, we can offer clients reliable, high-limit tradelines.

Our Approch

  • First, we collect reliable, high-limit tradeline sellers. These people have good credit standing, low utility on their cards, and high limits approved. If you think this is you, check out our tradeline partners page →
  • When you come to us with your needs, we chat with you about your goals. We are open, transparent, and never sugar coat your situation.
  • Next, we offer you a unique tradeline solution that meets your current credit goals. Keep in mind that we are not a credit repair company. Tradelines are meant to temporarily boost your credit score so that you can do the work of repairing your score or so that you can make a necessary purchase on your own.
  • When we present your unique solution, the price you see is the price you get. There are no hidden fees or surprise line items

NetGain Tradelines is not a credit repair service. Credit boosts are not 100% guaranteed and are only temporary.

Our Philosophy

We all deserve the same opportunities when it comes to financial success. This is why we help connect individuals in need with those who are willing to share their credit history.

Our Focus

Our focus is to get you the best tradelines for your current goals and credit standing. We’ll match you to the right accounts so that you can get the credit boost you need.


Individualized Tradeline Support